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NextGen your home for sustainable plastics. NextGen is an innovative company trading plastics using the globally recognised and audited ISCC PLUS system.

We all have a responsibility.
Even Companies.

  • NextGen addresses the increasingly prevalent need for companies to make recycled content claims in the products that they sell to their customers.
  • NextGen is certified under the ISCC+ system, which is the most popular and widely accredited auditor.
  • NextGen seamlessly enables this through taking care of the sourcing of mass balance credits, and sells them to companies with like-for-like virgin material that they require.
  • After purchasing credits, a firm is allowed to sell/buy sustainable materials and use a consumer- and business-facing “Certified Sustainability” label.

Partnering to reduce waste.

Global issues such as plastic waste and pollution surpass the capacity of any single government, company, or industry to tackle alone. In order to actualise a World Without Waste, NextGen is collaborating with experts, nonprofits, peers in our industry, and governments to foster innovation and facilitate sustainable changes throughout the packaging supply chain.


Meet the team

NextGen, powered by an experienced team with deep industry knowledge in plastic recycling, is a pioneering platform for recycled plastic trading.

John Farber

Chairman and owner of the ICC Group, a company focused in trading plastics, chemicals, and manufacturing on an international basis. Self- made entrepreneur, leaving Romania after the war to create a home in the USA, epitomising the all-American dream and making it to the Forbes top American business man in 2018.

Blaise Sarcone

A result driven CEO / President of ICC Group for over 22 years – running all divisions, Blaise knows corporate America and the plastics & chemical industry inside and out. Bringing a wealth of knowledge, in sight and creativity to the visionary new company – NextGen.

Mike Cramer

President of Primex Plastics, 2022 Business Hall of fame Laureate. With 45 years of service with Primex Plastics Mike has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of manufacturing, recycling and distribution focused on growing successful profitable and sustainable businesses. A proven leader, emphasising the partnership between employer and employees.

Peter Hutchinson

CEO of B&H Polymers Inc for 30 years Peter won the Queens Award for Enterprise for developing his unique brand Elixir in the Plastics Industry focusing on recycling in a sustainable and innovative way. Working with brand owners such as Coca Cola and Pepsi to achieve their environmental goals.

Meet the People

NextGen, powered by an experienced team with deep industry knowledge in plastic recycling, is a pioneering platform for recycled plastic trading.

The collective expertise of the team has led to the integration of a unique carbon credit system that quantifies the environmental impact of each recycled plastic batch. The platform leverages their insights to authenticate recycled plastics through a stringent verification process.

Their profound understanding of stakeholders’ needs and the recycling industry landscape allows them to effectively connect sellers and buyers committed to sustainability. Through NextGen, this seasoned team is channeling their industry knowledge to incentivize eco-conscious practices, reduce plastic waste, and propel a greener future.

Meet us

Addressing the Market and Regulations
in the Plastics Industry

The global recycled plastics market is projected to grow from USD 27.9 billion in 2021 to USD 43.5 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 9.3% from 2021 to 2026

S&P Global Platts Analytics forecasts mechanically recycled plastics will displace over 1.7m mt of virgin polymer feedstocks by 2030 compared with 688,000 mt in 2020

175 countries agreed to establish enforceable global treaty under the UN Environment Assembly to tackle plastic pollution by 2024 as laws drafted to help countries push markets towards waste reduction and circular economy

Current supply of recycled plastic meets just 6% of demand globally


How it works?

The company will act as an intermediary, connecting sellers of recycled plastic with brand owners and manufacturers who require plastic materials.

Recycling reduces landfill waste, conserves resources, and minimises energy usage. The platform quantifies these benefits as plastic credits that companies can purchase, showcasing their commitment to sustainability. Purchasing these credits not only supports proper plastic management but also provides financial benefits.

NextGen integrates a plastic credit system for each recycled plastic batch. This system tracks the recycling process, rewards efficient recyclers, and fosters a circular plastic economy